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The Woods

We all have areas of our life that we'd rather not explore. Pastor James Landa shares why we can have the confidence to confront anything we're facing in our life.


Faith To Start

Is God calling you to do something bigger than you? Pastor Ray looks at how God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


Trust The Process

Wondering why you're facing obstacles even though you're trying your best to follow God? Let's talk about what trusting God in the process looks like.


Power To Become

Do you know the most frequently asked question by people trying to follow God? The answer: What does God want me to do? Today, we look at better question that helps everything else fall into place.


Golden Hour

Pastor James Landa shares how God can help us to live in freedom and overcome the pressure to create presets in our life that cause us to filter, edit and crop out the parts we're insecure about.


Fight For The Future

Is there an upside to pressure and stress? Pastor Ray concludes the Naked & Unafraid series by sharing why faith-filled people don't back down... instead, they fight for the future.


Own Your Story

Do you ever wonder what you can do to make this broken world better? In part 4 of Naked & Unafraid, Pastor Ray Hintz explores how it all starts by doing our part and owning our story.

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